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Architects and designers across the UK are saving time, money and reclaiming space using this innovative masonry support system.

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What is SureCav?

Design - Build - Protect

SureCav is a polypropylene panel that sits in the cavity and allows a stone, slate, brick or flint outer skin to be built without the need of an additional block leaf.

It is designed to form a lightweight alternative to backing blocks that also acts as a barrier to wind-driven rain, effectively providing a consistent, mortar and moisture-free, clear cavity.

SureCav is made from 100% recycled polypropylene, designed to last the lifetime of the building and is BBA certified.

SureCav is the only approved method for constructing an NHBC accepted a 25mm residual cavity.

Why use SureCav?

BBA Regulated

LABC Approved

NBS Registered

Planet Mark certified business

What are the benefits of using SureCav?

Create more valuable buildings

Using SureCav could create up to 5% more internal room space - increasing the value of a £250,000 property by up to £12,500!

Save money during construction

Using SureCav instead of heavy and expensive concrete backing block could save over £2,000 for each building project.

Improve insulation

SureCav25 makes room for more insulation in the cavity. Using a designed 100mm overall cavity, 75mm insulation can now be installed, helping to reduce U-Values!

Reduce your CO2 footprint

SureCav is made from 100% recycled polypropylene and replaces the concrete blocks that produce 6 times the amount of CO2.

Huge cost savings

Concrete is deceptively expensive. SureCav can significantly lower your building costs. It forms a 25mm or 50mm moisture-free clear cavity, providing a backing board for the stone, slate, brick and flint outer leaf.

This halves the cost of building with a backing block. It’s also environmentally sound, producing a sixth of the CO2 footprint compared to using a concrete block backing wall.

Gain extra space

The gains in space are equally huge. A reduction in wall thickness of just 25mm will increase the internal dimensions of the property by 50mm in each direction and result in an average of 1.25% increased floor space over 2 floors.

Removing the 100mm backing block adds another 5% internal space. This can rise to over 7% additional floor space in very severe weather zones, where a 75mm clear cavity may be required.

This results in an overall gain of 7.5%. Just 1.25% is equivalent to the floor space of 1 extra house on an 70 house site!

Reduce your carbon footprint

SureCav ticks all the right environmental boxes. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic – a sixth of the carbon footprint of the equivalent in concrete blocks! All without any compromise on performance.

An average, 3-bedroom 100m² wall area dwelling will require 185 sheets of SureCav. SureCav removes the need for 20 tonnes of dense concrete backing blocks, as shown in the chart to the right. These calculations are based one weight-for-weight comparison.

SureCav produces less than a sixth of the embodied carbon, in production, compared to the concrete backing wall it replaces.

Increase insulation values

Now drive down U-Values. SureCav25 allows for more room in the cavity for insulation, thus enhancing the thermal performance of the wall. Where heat conservation is the prime concern, SureCav25 frees up an additional 25mm in the cavity that can be used for extra insulation.

This example shows how a 100mm overall cavity width, comprising 75mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.18 W/m²K. Alternatively, a 125mm overall cavity width, comprising 100mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.15 W/m²K. 

(Figures calculated using Kingspan Kooltherm K108 Cavity Board insulation and the Kingspan U-Value calculator.)

Protect against wind driven rain

Wind driven rain is one of the most common sources of moisture affecting buildings in the United Kingdom.

Damage from the build up of moisture results in mould, mildew and condensation on windows and in the loft space. Additionally, where there is a moisture problem in the wall cavity, damage readily occurs to the insulation and wall ties, also affecting wall plates, the timber frame itself and installed joinery.

See how SureCav provides the answer - a priority in the minds of all designers and builders interested in quality construction!

Find out how SureCav can help you build smarter

See how our innovative solution can help you build more valuable and more efficient buildings, whilst reducing project costs at the same time!

  • Save money by reducing building costs
  • Reclaim up to 5% and more, indoor space
  • Increase insulation levels
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic

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